Upset With Referee’s Call Field Hockey Fans in India Pelt Visiting Players With Bottles and . . . Slippers?

bunny slipper like those thrown at field hockey players in IndiaWe know what big field hockey fans most BadJocks readers are (duh!) so it comes as no surprise to most of you how fired up fans get while watching guys in skirts run around a field slapping at a small ball (What, only the girls wear skirts in field hockey? Sorry about that).

Anyway, the fans at the hockey stadium in Morhabadi, India were not pleased with a call made by Raghu Prasad, the “internationally acclaimed hockey referee from Bangalore” (again, duh! everyone knows about Mr. Prasad) went against the home team. Oh no he didn’t!

Something about carrying the ball on the stick instead of slapping at it. As a result, a stroke–yes, a full stroke!–was awarded to the team from Maharashtra (I think their team nickname is the Maulers) which enraged the normally well-behaved fans from Jharkhand (nicknamed the Jugglers).

Well, before you know it, the fans were verbally abusing the referee with taunts about his choice of hair gels and facial moisturizers (although instant replay later showed the made the correct call) and then started pelting the Maharashtra players with bottles and . . . slippers. Yes, I said it: slippers. (Thank God we don’t have video of that carnage!) Can you imagine getting hit with something like that thrown from high up in the stadium? Especially if it’s one of those big bunny slippers with the ears. That could really, really sting.

Well, the slipper throwing got so out of hand the local officials called the game and it they will start up where they left off (minus any slippers) next week with the score still tied at an exciting 0-0. Likely it will be covered live by ESPN11.

Here’s more from the Hindustan Times:

A 12,000-strong crowd at the hockey stadium in Morhabadi forced the National Games organisers to reschedule Wednesday’s men’s semifinal match between Jharkhand and Maharashtra. Reason: Raghu Prasad, an internationally acclaimed hockey referee from Bangalore, awarded a penalty-stroke in favour of Mah

arashtra in the 20th minutes of the second half, thus irking the home team supporters. Prasad awarded the stroke after Jharkhand player Innocent Kullu ‘carried’ the ball inches away from the goalpost in the 55th minute. But the home team claimed that the ball had hit Kullu’s stick.

An enraged public started abusing the referee and threw bottles and slippers at the Maharashtra players, which forced the technical committee to stall the proceedings. Replays showed that Prasad had taken the right decision, but the crowd by then was in no mood to relent. At the time the incident occurred the teams were tied on 0-0.