Golf + Drugs + Teen Dancers = Sweet! Ehhemm… I Mean, Disgusting!

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Not sure how to feel about this one…  The part of me that regularly acknowledges responsibility and control says “No.”; but my “party-on” side says ” Oh, medicine Hell yeah…  Beeoooootttcchhhhhh!!!!!”.  All I know for sure is that if you find yourself in dire need of an “Eight Ball” in Scotland… Just get a hold of these blokes and ask for the (codename) “Triple Bogey”.  Here’s their website:

As a side note:  Although I had some fun with this story, I would like to make absolutely, positively sure that everyone out there understands that I; in no way, shape, or form, condone processing multiple kilos of coke in the midst of dancing toddlers.

And, call me preachy if you must, that should just be how it is for any decent human being on this Earth.

A HISTORIC golf club and a children’s dance school were among premises raided as part of a massive police operation which netted £500,000 worth of cocaine. Two men were arrested and charged with drug dealing offences following the swoops at the Royal Musselburgh Golf Club and LA Dance School, both in Prestonpans.

Kenneth Glen, the professional’s assistant at the golf club, and Gary Yorke – who is believed to be connected with the dance school – have already appeared in private at Edinburgh Sheriff Court to face the charges.

More than 100 officers were deployed on a string of raids in Edinburgh, East Lothian, Midlothian, West Lothian, and Lanarkshire, with 11.7 kilos of cocaine recovered from a number of locations.  But a golf club spokesman said that no drugs had been found during the raid, which was carried out last Friday.  The premises targeted were believed to have been used in the alleged cutting and bulking of controlled drugs.

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