Golf Cart Catches Fire, Man Burns Hand Retrieving, uh . . . Golf Clubs. Yeah, That’s It, His Golf Clubs

Okay, so there’s nothing funny AT ALL about a guy burning his hand–even moderately–after the golf cart he was driving catches fire.

Okay, it would have been a little funny if he burned it grabbing for his beer instead of his golf clubs, but if you have ever wondered what an electric golf cart would look like after catching fire, you have to check out the full picture at the Baxter Bulletin. (We’re only going to show a small portion here of the picture by Jerry Ott, but you have to see the whole thing. Actually, what little is left when a golf cart melts . . . and catches the course on fire.) Amazing!

We do have to wonder after seeing this pic: is this what the future for the Chevy Volt looks like? I’d keep my fire extinguisher handy in any case. Here’s more from the Bulletin:

Golfer Jimmy Sanders was playing the seventh hole when his cart began to malfunction. As Sanders was checking the battery-operated cart, it caught fire, Ott said.  Ott says he was told by others Sanders’ hand was burned moderately while trying to retrieve his golf clubs, according to Bull Shoals fire chief Brent Mitchell, who said witnesses heard a loud popping sound or explosion.

The fire burned the cart to the metal frame and caught the fairway on fire. The fire began moving into the woods and towards a home before it was extinguished. Approximately one-half acre of land was burned, Mitchell said.