Germany Crowns ‘Naked Sledging World Champion’

UPDATE: There is now a Not Safe For Work video of this event, tadalafil cheap if the pictures at the Metro site aren’t enough for you. PerthNow

EARLIER: Okay, nurse first off, we must warn you that the link below to the actual story at the UK’s Metro website is Not Safe For Work. Let us repeat: this is not like an American newspaper where they will blur a model’s cleavage on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Nope, in the UK, topless for women is like, well, topless for men. So, uh, don’t click the link if you’re gonna get in trouble . . . but you already clicked because you didn’t read this far, did you? Well, enjoy the picture at the bottom of the article with Schultz’s man-boobs.

Okay, so here’s the basics of the story: German town, sledding race, participants wear only helmets and underpants. That’s pretty much it. Oh, and it probably attracted more spectators than the Super Bowl, but then again it is Germany in the middle of winter. The good part is no breasts were injured during the race, except for some slight cases of frostbite, but some good beer and gentle massage will cure that right up.

Here’s more from the Metro:

Thirteen men and 13 women dressed only in panties and helmets to protect their heads, took to the 90 metre long iced snowy piste to battle it out in the famous sledging race, a team event, which attracted over 17,000 visitors.  The winners were a trio of hotel workers form the local area and they took home the title of ‘Naked Sledging World Champion’ as well as a shared prize of £1,000.  It is the third year the contest has taken place.