Commodore’s Mascot Climbs Into Stands, Does Great Impression of Ron Artest (w. video)

EDITOR’S NOTE: For those of your who are not familiar with Ron Artest, he was an NBA player involved in the infamous “Malice at the Palace” incident between the Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers on November 19, 2004, at The Palace of Auburn Hills. A fan allegedly threw something at Artest following a scuffle with the Pistons and he went into the stands looking to kick some ass. He is not, however, a team mascot. His head is just abnormally large and he doesn’t like it when people point that out like we just did. Oh, crap. Lock the doors and put up the Ron Artest Alert System.

Vanderbilt University has a mascot named “Mister C”, and the ‘C’ must stand for “Clobber”.  That is exactly what this man-handling mascot did to one of their own fans last night during the game between the Vanderbilt Commodores and the Tennessee Vols in Nashville.

Mr. Clobber “got a little carried away” when he climbed into the stands, grabbed a fan by the left shoulder, and gave him a good right hook square in the face.  As the fan was knocked back, Mr. Clobber kept on swinging! His follow up shots did not land, but it certainly shows that the intention of the man behind the mask was to hurt this guy for some reason. The news caster says he was just trying to rile up the fans, but I don’t know about that. In the video, it looks like Mister C made a bee line to the fan for the sole reason of giving him a knuckle sandwich, or two, or three.

The poor fan left holding what looked to be a newspaper or schedule to his bloodied nose.

I think the Vol’s mascot is Smokey. I don’t know where he was, but I bet he was laughing his ass off.

Here is what was on Nashville’s news channel 4’s website (video from ESPN below):

Vanderbilt University’s mascot “Mister C” got a little carried away Tuesday night during the basketball game against the University of Tennessee.  During the game against the Vols, the mascot climbed in the stands and punched a Commodores fan in the face. The fan left the game with a bloody nose.  Apparently Mr. C. was just trying to energize the crowd but got a bit overzealous.