Just 4 Players Brawling, 1 Coach Stripping to his Knickers and Screaming, That’s All

What is it?

Why, < of course! Hockey is already an entertaining sport, but then you have fights breaking out, fans banging on the glass, and coaches taking off their clothes and throwing them piece by piece onto the ice while screaming at the top of their lungs. Well, not that last one so much. Last Friday night, though, Colorado Eagles assistant coach Greg Pankiewicz made sure to complete that stanza. He was so ticked off because his players were getting tackled, he decided to get midi evil on their ass! He tore off his clothes, showed off his muscles, and stomped off to get his horse and suit of armor. It's a long article, but here’s the juicy part (YouTube video below):

The game will be remembered, on the short-term, as a regular-season victory, but will live on for Pankewicz’s reaction to linesman Chris Wilson tackling Joe Grimaldi after a scuffle broke out on the ice with four and a half minutes gone in the third.

While Dan Sullivan and Russell Smith were engaged in fisticuffs, Grimaldi keyed in on another Mississippi player, but before he could get to him was tackled hard to the ice by Wilson.  Pankewicz was irate, and methodically dismantled his three-piece suit and tossed the clothing to the ice. Shirtless, Pankewicz’s last tosses included his loafers.