HS Wrestling Coach Texts Female Team Manager for Bedroom Fun & Smoking Weed

High School Coach Sex Scandal LogoTexting is fast becoming a common feature of the stories on this site (remember when it used to be MySpace?), medicine which is rather surprising since it leaves a trail in addition to evidence that can be used by the prosecution.  Such minute details are lost on those in the sports world, as is evident in the latest scandal involving a junior high head wrestling coach.

Steve Oswald took a fancy to the team’s 14yo manager & started sending her texts.  In a 2 week span, healing he sent “several hundred texts”  (see there boys girls, again: texting leaves evidence).  Naturally, some of those texts were of the sexual nature but Oswald is a also a fan of marijuana and mentioned it often, which lead to the charge of “corruption of a minor” (*cough cough* evidence).  Throw in some underwear talk & inappropriate touching and it just gets worse …

BerksMont News has the details:

The girl said that on one occasion Oswald asked her what kind of underwear she was wearing and stated in a text “you know you love me.”  On another occasion, Oswald came up to the girl while she was doing stretches on a wrestling mat and told her to close her legs because the underwear she was wearing was not “ladylike.”

During a wrestling meet, Oswald allegedly walked up behind the girl and put his hands on her shoulders and began massaging her shoulders.  In one instance, Oswald said to the girl “if you were 10 years older and I was 10 years younger, we could hang out and smoke weed. We would smoke pot all day and not have any worries in the world.”