Holy Crap! Holy Family Univeristy Coach Suspended for Attacking Player in B-Ball Practice

You’d think a school with the name Holy Family University would have a nice, calm atmosphere where even if the men’s basketball team sucked, no one would really care . . . right? Not really. The Holy Family is a rough place and, apparently, they don’t care for snitches either.

A former player who was allegedly knocked down and kicked by coach John O’Connor during a rough practice is taking legal action against the coach and now a video of the incident (below) has been released. This happened back in January and the school reportedly dragged its heals on taking action against O’Conner . . . until now. The first year coach has been suspended but it still unclear as to what the school’s full response to the incident is.

Here’s more on the story from MyFOXPhilly:

Matt Kravchuk, a sophomore at the school in Philadelphia, can be seen getting knocked to the ground and later being the target of an obscenity-filled tirade from coach John O’Connor.

The incident shows Kravchuk in a rebound drill when O’Connor confronts him physically.

Kravchuck is then kicked will on the ground by O’Connor, who then curses out the player as he walks away bleeding.

A spokesperson said they were aware that a police report had been filed, and said the university was also looking into the matter. However, because it was a legal matter that involved a personnel issue, they couldn’t comment further.

Kravchuk said the university had said they would discipline O’Connor, but had given him few details prior to Thursday’s suspension.

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