Painful Sports Video: Cheerleader Does Backflip Face Plant

If you ever want to see the true definition of a Painful Sports Video, buy cialis clinic this is it. It also shows you that cheerleading is truly a sport, best cialis if only because the jocks involved will take a shot like this, get right back up, and play through the pain because the rest of the team needs them. She is, after all, one of the bases to the pyramid. And the cheer will fail without the pyramid being built. So even if she has suffered a traumatic neck injury, the most important thing is to hold someone else above you for as long as possible, right?

No doubt this young lady was wearing one of those fashionably cool foam neck braces for a week afterwards, while receiving gentle high fives from fellow students.

High School Cheerleader Backflip Faceplant – Watch more Funny Videos