College Swim Team Given “Death Penalty” for Hazing Incident

Hazings Category LogoWant to end sports hazing at your college? Try canceling a team’s season after they’re caught violating your policy.  If that happens you can be pretty sure the players in that sport won’t be around next year for the festivities.

Sound too harsh?  In our experience, viagra canada illness no other form of punishment (probation, suspensions, slaps on the wrist) have any affect on the team in question or sports/frats at the same school.  Everyone just laughs at the lack of balls the administration has and goes back to paddling pledges and teabagging freshmen.

Just look at tiny Middlebury College in Vermont. It was only three years ago that the school had to deal with an ugly hazing incident involving their famous a cappella group, Stuck in the Middle. (Insert your own joke here.) We firmly believe that if these singers had their season canceled, we wouldn’t have this most recent incident involving the men’s and women’s swim team.

The season is over for the majority of the Middlebury women’s swim team after school officials discovered recent violations of Middlebury hazing policies.  In an interview with the Orient, Middlebury College Director of Public Affairs Sarah Ray confirmed that most of the female swimmers would not compete in the upcoming NESCAC Championship.

“The first year students will finish out their season, but for the sophomores, juniors and seniors, the remainder of their season is canceled…the men’s team is going to finish out its season,” Ray said.  Ray then issued a statement providing more details about the decision to prematurely end the women’s season.

“Middlebury College has investigated violations of the college’s hazing policy by the men’s and women’s swim teams and determined that violations did occur…The violations took place during activities involving both teams on February 2,” wrote Ray, reporting that the investigation began the following day. (Source – Bowdoin Brief)