UPDATE: Cheerleader Who Posed for Playboy Gets Reality Show: Taylor Corley to Star in Girl Swagg

You all remember Mississippi State cheerleader Taylor Corely, viagra usa thumb aka Taylor Stone, sildenafil prescription who was found to have posed naked for Playboy Magazine prior to joining the Bulldog’s squad. According to several sources, online although Taylor has left the university it was has been called a “mutual decision,” she’s not going into hiding. Actually, just the opposite: she’s apparently getting her own reality show called Girl Swagg on MTV.

Taylor is obviously a very young woman, but we’re not sure what entertainment value she showed that would warrant her own reality show. Oh, no wait, we found the Playboy pictures, never mind.

Keep an eye out for Taylor’s new TV show, coming to a basic cable channel near you soon!

Here are details on the TV show deal from Gather.com:

The Taylor Corley Playboy pictures controversy is as hot as Lindsay Lohan’s white dress and the Eliza Kruger pictures. The MSU cheerleader now has an MTV/VH1 show called Girl Swagg in production.  Weeks ago, the controversy began, and has been a hot topic on the Internet ever since. Perhaps, sports controversies like Jenn Sterger/Brett Farve pics, talk of foot fetishes, and a quarterback dating a 17-year-old has something to do with the craze.  When the young, cheerful, and athletic Taylor Corley graduated high school, she took her natural assets to Playboy and posed nude when she was 18. Then she joined the cheerleading squad at Mississippi State University.

Somehow, the Taylor Corley Playboy pictures leaked to the public, prompting the blonde beauty to have a sit-down with the school administration and squad.