Did Jets QB Mark Sanchez Knowingly “Date” a 17-Year-Old Girl? – Eliza Kruger

UPDATE: New York Post Outs Teen – Eliza Kruger – From the Post:

Sexy rich girl Eliza Kruger not only bragged on Facebook about “MARK F–ING SANCHEZ” texting her after they flirted at a hip Manhattan nightclub on New Year’s Eve — she also took photos of a mussed-up bed in his boudoir as “proof” of their huddle just days later.

“We went back to his place in Jersey after dinner. He lives on a golf course. There was a big storm, viagra sales cialis ” Eliza told Deadspin.com, sick according to that website, which identified her only as E.K.

Asked if she “hooked up” with the 24-year-old Sanchez that night — after they dined together at Midtown hotspot Nobu the first week of January — the Greenwich high-school senior said, “Yeah,” albeit somewhat reluctantly, according to Deadspin.

EARLIER: The guys over at Deadspin have their claws on another NFL player (remember the Brett Favre-Jenn Sterger fiasco?) and once again it involves a Jets quarterback and an unusual relationship with a young woman. Something in the NYC water, perhaps?

Please note (as Deadspin does frequently in their article) that it is legal for Mark Sanchez, 24, to uh, “date” a 17-year-old. (Here’s a handy “Age of Consent” reference guide to those of you who might need it.) So what’s the big deal, right? The fact that the girl’s lawyer is trying to get the story killed–even though she contacted Deadspin–tells you something is up. Or it could just be that she doesn’t want them posting a picture of her smoking a cigarette or that somehow she and her other underage friends were at a nightclub on New Years Eve when she met Sanchez.

No comment yet from Roger Goodell or the image-conscious NFL.

This is a story about a famous quarterback’s courtship of a 17-year-old girl and the girl’s conflicting emotions about fame. No one committed any crimes, as far as we know. It’s perfectly legal for the New York Jets’ Mark Sanchez to date a 17-year-old girl. He can do it in Manhattan. He can do it at his home on a North Jersey golf course. She’s legal. This story has stormy nights and 2 a.m. text messages and cute photographs and mean professional gossips and very angry lawyers, which is to say it’s a story about love.