University of Kansas Fraternity Governing Body Accused of Hazing

Hazings Category LogoWe know, we know. This isn’t exactly sports-related, but it does give you an idea of how pervasive hazing is . . . especially at the college level. This time it doesn’t involve a sports team or even a Greek organization, but the board that is supposed to lead and govern frats at the University of Kansas. They are the ones who are supposed to make sure that hazing violations don’t happen to pledges. Maybe they were just “demonstrating” to each other what NOT to do.

Yeah, that’s it.

An organization charged with leadership and governance of fraternities at the University of Kansas has been accused of hazing — a ritual that has plagued fraternities across the country.  The university says it will sanction the Interfraternity Council after finding that members of the council’s executive board paddled others during a leadership transition ceremony in November.

A report by university officials says members took turns hitting each other with paddles. The report also indicates it wasn’t the first time such paddling took place. The report says similar events happened during the 2009 ceremony.

The school’s report says current anti-hazing programs “do not seem to be having an effect.”

The university’s vice provost for student success is contemplating what kind of sanctions to issue. Such penalties could include probation and forcing the council to institute more extensive anti-hazing educational programs.