Arrested for Shoplifting: Two Florida Gator Football–Wait, Girls on the Swim Team?

The ugliness that is University of Florida sports has spread past the multitude of arrests for the football team and has now spilled over to the . . . women’s swimming team? Really? Damn.  The Gator “gang initiations” are getting tougher. This time it looks like the ladies had to sneak into the fancy retail store Nordstroms and make off with a couple of jackets. The ladies made it out all right, cialis buy unhealthy but store employees called the cops who caught up with the would-be thieves a short time later.  We like how Florida swim coach Gregg Troy calls the whole incident a ‘massive error in judgment.’  Coach Troy: what exactly was the error that they made? To get caught instead of NOT getting caught?

Here’s more on the story from the Miami Herald:

Two University of Florida swimmers were indefinitely suspended from the team after being arrested on shoplifting charges at an Orlando mall.   Authorities say juniors Lily Ramirez of Gainesville and Daniela Victoria of Plantation were arrested Saturday at The Florida Mall. According to an Orange County Sheriff’s Office report, diagnosis they are accused of taking two jackets worth $130 from Nordstrom’s.

Store employees alerted deputies, medical who pulled over the women as they left the mall. Officials say the merchandise was returned to the store.  Florida swim coach Gregg Troy called the incident a ‘massive error in judgment.’