UK Field Hockey Club Poses Naked for Fund Raising Calendar

Are female field hockey players the best athletes to pose naked? The real question is: would you buy a calendar of these gals without their uniforms to help raise money for a new clubhouse? That’s what the gals at the Potters Bar Hockey Club in the UK have decided to do and as a result “seven of the club’s most athletic players” stripped down for one of those fund raising calendars where the people are naked but because of strategically place equipment, chairs, shrubbery and the like you really don’t “see anything” but you can use your imagination. Seven of their most “athletic players?” Is that a nice way of saying the rest of the girls on the team are rather dumpy?

These types of items used to sell quite well when they were a novelty, but not it seems like every other club or team is doing it and, really, how many naked calendars do you really need at home?  On the other hand, if you are completely out for 2011, so you can order your copy of the calendar here.

At BadJocks, we have occasionally floated the idea of raising money by threatening to do a naked calendar and see how much money we could collect from readers to stop us from doing so. We will entertain all offers.

Here’s more on the Potters Bar Hockey Club from the Welwyn – Hatfield Times:

The girls from Potters Bar Hockey Club, described as “seven of the club’s most athletic players”, have stripped off in aid of Help for Heroes, and to help finance a new clubhouse.  The calendar features a team of players, posing with hockey equipment cannily placed to spare their blushes and protect their modesty.  Potters Bar Hockey Club, part of the town’s cricket club, is aiming to raise £100,000 this year.