Super Bowl Seats Not Ready, Fans Have to Squat Elsewhere

Dumbass Category LogoReally, what do you expect for $800?  To actually sit in the seats you paid for? Hah!

One more snafu for the already cursed Dallas-based Super Bowl: seats were not completely installed in six sections before the game started, so more than 1200 fans had to be moved and some 400 didn’t get to sit in the stadium at all to watch the game.

How hard is it to install seats in a stadium? It’s not like they didn’t know the game was going to be played at Cowboys Stadium until the last minute. Did they forget to order them? What happened the seats that were already there? Sounds like Jerry Jones had a hissy fit at the last minute and ordered everyone out.

Here are the details from CNN:

Some 400 fans with tickets to the big game were denied seats at the Super Bowl Sunday because certain stadium sections weren’t ready, the NFL said. Seats were not completely installed in six sections, affecting about 1,250 fans. Roughly 850 of those people were relocated to “similar or better seats,” but 400 were left out, the NFL said.

“It’s not the money. It’s the whole issue. We came here for the memories and it’s not happening,” said Wayne Rusch, a Green Bay Packers fan, who spoke to CNN while waiting to hear if he would have a seat.

His daughter, Anna Rusch, said she flew from Washington, D.C., for the game.  “I love the Packers and right now I can’t see anything,” she said, clearly exasperated. Fans denied seats are expected to get a refund of triple the cost of the face value — $800 — of their ticket. They were also allowed in the stadium to watch the game on monitors or from standing platforms in each corner of the stadium, the NFL said.

But whether that was enough to satisfy upset fans remains to be seen.  “It was terribly mismanaged and we’re just beside ourselves. I don’t know how this is going to come out,” said an unnamed Pittsburgh Steelers fan between tears. “I can’t see a positive outcome.”

The NFL promised to look into the incident.