San Jose State Hockey Club Suspended Over Drinking, Hazing Allegations

Hazings Category LogoFirst off: San Jose State has a hockey team? That in and of itself is pretty noteworthy. Unfortunately, the success of this club team (not an NCAA sanctioned team) may have gone to their heads and lead to some excessive team drinking. Not a lot of details just yet, but apparently someone was required to drink alcohol from a ice skate boot. And our guess is that it wasn’t disinfected first. Then again, they do use rubbing alcohol to kill germs, so maybe it wasn’t that bad.

No, it was still bad, wasn’t it?

Here’s what little we know from KTVU:

San Jose State University has suspended it’s highly ranked club hockey team amid questions about drinking and hazing. The team’s game Friday night against San Diego State University was postponed as university officials started an investigation into the 25-member team “We received a telephone call from a parent who was very concerned about behavior among team members and we understand this behavior involves drinking,” university spokeswoman Pat Harris said.The school would not comment on the specifics but a source told KTVU’s Lloyd LaCuesta that there was video of a rookie, under age player, drinking alcohol out of a skating boot. In another incident, some team members drank alcohol on a flight from an out-of-town game.