Sneak Peak at Hyundai Super Bowl Ad Featuring Sheep Driving Car

Well, once again this year, BadJocks was denied press credentials for the Super Bowl (most likely related to an unfortunate childhood incident involving the Packer’s Bart Starr and a BB gun) but we were fortunate enough to have the nice folks at Hyundai included us in their pre-Super Bowl hype machine.  Who said our loyalty can’t be bought?

Seems there is some kind of “compact car conspiracy” going on out there and Hyundai wants you to get to the bottom of it. And, likely, buy one of their fine cars in the process.  Here’s a little something from the press release for the website

Hyundai’s “Snap Out of It” campaign addresses years of consumer complacency towards the compact car segment. Through a series of shorts that parody the history of compact car advertising, Hyundai tells the story of the hypnotized consumer mindset, conditioned to purchase compact cars for practicality and reliability, regardless of their uninspired design and limited innovation. Enter the all-new 2011 Elantra, a no-compromise alternative that finally screams “Snap Out of It”.

Personally, the only thing I want my car screaming at me is “Look out for that tree, dumbass!” but that’s just me.  So, watch the much anticipated commercial below and let us know what you think of it.  Basically though, for us, a sheep driving a car is pretty tame compared to the crap we see on the Internet every single day. Now, a sheep driving a tank, pointing a Stinger missile at drugged out Miley Cyrus . . . that would impress us. And we might just root for the sheep for once.