Hot Female Gym Teacher Accused of Giving Booze to, And Having Sex With Five HS Football Players – Stacy Schuler

Typically High School Coach Sex Scandals involve one student per coach. Many times the coach/teacher and the student either think they are in love, or claim to be in love, or maybe the female student thinks she’s in love and the coach just wants sex. Occasionally you’ll see one involving two or three students . . . but five? We have to wonder what was going on at Mason High School (Ohio) when a female gym teacher could–allegedly–carry on affairs with five different members of the football team–during the season!–as well as providing them with alcohol. The fact that this took place over a period of five months last year, from August to December and that no one seemed to know about it is also rather puzzling. You would think at least one of these romeos would squeal . . . or brag about it on Facebook.

What is obvious is that, if true, physical education teacher Stacy Schuler, 33 could face as much as 81 years in prison, if convicted of all 16 counts of sexual battery, a third-degree felony as well as three misdemeanor counts of offenses involving underage persons. Based on our experience though, a female teacher/coach as good looking as Stacy won’t be in jail nearly that long. Take a look at one of our most popular stories of all time: middle school gym teacher Pamela Rogers. This blond babe admitted having sex with a 13-year-old boy and was initially given only 6 months probation . . . as long as she stayed away from the kid.  But she couldn’t, and the judge threw her in jail for eight years back in 2006. (She’ll be eligible for parole again in 2014 gents, in case you want to wait for her.)

If convicted, will Ms. Schuler go the way of Pamela Rogers, or will a judge finally had out a sense to a good looking female coach, comparable to what a male coach in a similar situation would get? Stay tuned! (We are also looking for addition photos of Stacy Schuler and/or first hand stories from someone at Mason High School. If you have anything you’d like to share, drop us a line at

Here’s more details on this breaking story from The Dayton Daily News:

Schuler, who will turn 33 next week, allegedly had sexual contact with the students on five different occasions between August and December, according to officials with the Warren County Prosecutor’s Office. She also allegedly bought alcohol for the students, according to the indictment.

Prosecutors said the alleged sex acts, mostly with football players at Mason High School, occurred off school grounds.  Schuler, a health and physical education teacher at the 3,048 student-populated Mason High School, has been under investigation by police after an anonymous tip was given to school officials during the week of Jan. 10, according to Tracey Carson, schools spokeswoman.

Carson said Schuler was placed on paid administrative leave on Jan. 18. During that time, Schuler was prohibited from attending district events or being on district property.

Thanks to Andy D. for the tip on the story!