Florida Everblades Hockey Player Found Passed Out Behind Wheel of Truck, Arrested for DUI – Elgin Reid

If minor league hockey player Elgin “I’ll Have Another” Reid wasn’t already suspended from the Florida Everblades team, he will be now. Earlier this week Reid came off the bench during a hockey fight (it’s okay to fight in hockey, you just have to wait your turn) to pummel an opponent who knocked out his team captain and has been suspended by the league five games as a result. (Watch video of the brawl here.)

Apparently, Reid went out to celebrate that his little “time out” and ended up on a south Florida road at 2:45 in the morning, slumped over the wheel of his still idling pick-up truck, which the police found strangely intriguing. Not surprisingly, cops gave him a breathalyzer and the highest reading they got was .184% BAC, more than twice the legal limit of .08%.  (Maybe Reid needs to start looking for detox clinics in Florida?) .

Now, that’s a lot of drinking, but no where near what Reid needed to crack the Top Twenty of the World Famous BadJocks BAC Rankings . . . although it does make him the “leader in the clubhouse” so far in 2011. Congratulations Elgin!  Good luck making the Florida Prison Hockey Team.

Details on the story from the Naples News:

Florida Everblades defenseman Elgin Reid was arrested Tuesday morning in Punta Gorda and charged with DUI. Reid, 23, was approached by a deputy on patrol at 2:45 a.m. at the intersection of Yacht Club Boulevard and Burnt Store Road after he was spotted slumped over the wheel of his idling pick-up truck.

According to an arrest report, Reid failed a field sobriety test and two subsequent breathalyzer tests that were conducted after he was transported to the Charlotte County Jail.

Reid’s first breathalyzer test showed a blood-alcohol level of .165 and his second showed a level of .184. The legal limit in Florida is .08.