Viking Arrested, Released, Arrested Again Then Tasered for Grabbing Cops’ Groin – Everson Griffen

Minnesota Viking  Everson Griffen was pulled over by the LAPD & when his license turned up invalid, Griffen declared that “he did not want to back to jail” & made a run for the border.  Not really sure how effective that tactic would be since the police already had his ID & knew who he was but I digress … after the po po ran him down, the feisty former USC standout grabbed for the man parts and that’s when the Tasers came out to play. (Below, video of the infamous “Don’t Tase Me Bro!” incident. We can only assume Griffen cried out like that as well.)

The LA Times has more details:

When one of the officers tried to subdue Griffen, he allegedly grabbed the officer in the groin area, the source said. Moments later, officers used a Taser to subdue him, the source said.  Griffen was arrested in 2009 in Massachusetts on suspicion of breach of the peace.