Ohio State Recruit Accused of Fondling Girls While “Fitting Them for ROTC Uniform” – Chris Carter

By most accounts, Chris Carter, an Ohio State football recruit and highly-touted offensive lineman from John F. Kennedy High School in Cleveland, seems like a nice guy. He was helping out the school’s ROTC program by getting cadets proper fitting uniforms.

The only problem? Carter, 18,  was only helping female recruits and was using this ruse to take the opportunity to grope as many as eight young women. (Side note: how dumb are the girls at JFK High that more than one of them would fall for this, much less fail to tell others or the authorities?) Carter went to the extent of pulling the girls out of class, taking them to a secluded part of the school and then offering to take their measurements.

On the plus side, it does sound like the 6-foot-5, 350-pounder will fit in nicely in college and fraternity life, doesn’t it?

Here’s more on the story from FOX Sports:

Police said Carter admitted to fondling girls in a ruse where he told the victims he would be fitting them for an ROTC uniform. One 15-year-old girl told police Carter asked her to leave class, then brought her to a room behind the auditorium at John F. Kennedy High School to fit her for the uniform.

“Once inside the room, [Carter] asked the victim to take off her sweat shirt and shirt so he could take her measurements,” the police report said.  “He cut off the lights … and stated ‘I need you to take your bra off.’ The arrested male then put his arms under her arms from behind and attempted to pull her bra up.” The girl reportedly refused to cooperate and left the room.