Video: Brawl Breaks Out at High School Basketball Game, Does Not Involve Players

You know, at most high schools, if there is going to be a brawl during a basketball game it usually involves the players. Or at least a coach and some players or some fans and some players. Rarely do the athletes sit back and just watch the drama unfold, but that is exactly what happened in Charlotte, NC during a game between the Butler Bulldogs and the East Mecklenburg Eagles. Apparently a Butler player’s father got into an argument when a school resource officer (read that as a police officer who spends his whole time keeping kids at one school out of trouble) asked the man’s daughter to sit on the opposite side of the gym with her own school’s fans. The two of them got into it, then the man’s wife and daughter jumped in and started hitting the officer on the head. Ultimately only dad got arrested and could face a number of charges related to the incident. Watch the video for yourself below.

Basketball brawl at high school in North Carolina (WECT)