Teen Makes Off With Golfer’s Cart, Wallet, Money Clip and . . . Nice Sweater?

Dumbass Category LogoFor those golfers out there who ever worried about someone stealing their cart while they’re putting, some teenager in Cape Coral, Florida just make your nightmare come true. Seems there were two old guys not paying attention to their electric vehicle and a much faster teen jumped in and took off. The good news? He tossed out their two bags of golf clubs (probably to lighten the load). The bad news? He kept a number of other valuable items, such as a wallet, cash, a GPS, a cell phone, a money clip, some golf club head covers . . . and a snappy sleeveless brown sweater.

So, BadJocks readers in Florida: be on the lookout for a teenager tooling around in a golf cart, talking on a cell phone, following directions from a GPS and wearing what looks like his grandpa’s clothes. Call the cops if you see him, but please take a picture for us first.

Here are a few details from the Lehigh Acres Citizen:

The victim, a resident of North Fort Myers, and his partner were putting at one of the holes at the Coral Oak Gold Course, at 1800 N.W. 28th Ave., when the man looked over his shoulder and saw his rental cart being driven off by an unknown teenager Wednesday afternoon.

According to a police report, the teen appeared between 15 and 18 years of age and was wearing a black and white shirt. The teen dumped both golf club bags, but he took the victim’s wallet, a GPS, a cell phone, a money clip, golf club head covers, cash and a sleeveless brown sweater.  The stolen items are valued at approximately $693.  The cart is worth about $4,000. It is beige and has the sticker “74” on it.