Polish Swimmer Poses for Playboy – Luiza Hryniewicz

According to the folks at our favorite British tabloid, The Sun, a Polish swimming champion named Luiza Hryniewicz will be making her debut as a model next month. Specifically, a naked model in an upcoming issue of Playboy magazine.  Hryniewicz has won several European swimming championships (including a Bronze Medal in the 2005 event’s 50 m breaststroke), but has apparently decided that her future lies in modeling.

This is the second big Playboy “sports scoop” this month, after the controversy surrounding future Mississippi State cheerleader Taylor Corley.

At right, Luiza Hryniewicz with, and without, the now obligatory Kardashian eye makeup.

Here’s more on the story from The Sun (probably Not Safe For Work link).

And the sizzling topless snaps of the 21-year-old Junior European champ from Lodz, Poland, show she’s certainly a big fan of the breast stroke. Hryniewicz, who bagged a gold medal in the championships as a 15-year-old in 2005, said: “Swimming was fun, but modelling is better.  The swimming helped shape my figure and that’s helped me get the photo shoots I always wanted.”