Best “Coach Arrested for DUI” Story Ever?

Coaches arrested for DUI?   They’re a dime a dozen.

Coaches caught drunk driving with one of their athletes in the car? Now that’s a little less common, but it still, unfortunately, it happens.

But a coach who is actually drinking while driving with a teen in tow, missing a turn, hitting a street sign, jumping a guard rail AND THEN SLAMMING INTO A TREE? Sounds like he should jump out and yell, “Ta da!” except in this case the cops arrived before he could celebrate this motoring miracle and he decided to assault the officer instead of doing the Olympic gymnast victory pose.    Too bad, based on the difficulty of the maneuver he likely would have received a perfect 10 from the drunk Russian judge (are there any other kind.)

Okay, okay, you’re probably worried about the kid in the car. He’s fine . . . although he’ll never to get into a car to talk to an angry, drunk coach about his  disappointing “C” grades ever again.

Needless to say, Sussex Tech assistant wrestling coach and English teacher Kurt L. Scheck faces a buttload of charges as a result of his little Evil Knievil stunt jump, including driving under the influence, resisting arrest with force or violence, driving with a suspended license, failure to have insurance, careless driving and endangering the welfare of a child.  Oh, and there was something about a road rage incident last summer, but that is only going to be the icing on the legal cake for Coach Scheck after all this.

Sussex Tech wrestling coach faces charges (Milford Beacon)