Golf Course Employee Skims $95,000 by Claiming Fake Refunds – Faye Randolph

In some parts of the country, municipal golf courses are great cash cows for cities strapped for funds and they bring in a small, but steady stream of much needed revenue. In other places, the clubs struggle to hang on, sometimes costing towns money to keep them open. Then there’s the Eagle’s Landing Golf Club in Sevierville, Tennessee where the course should have been making good money of the past two years, but wasn’t. Seems like a lot of golfers were buying rounds and then asking for refunds. And we’re talking about a LOT of refunds: over 95K worth in just over two years. That’s a lot of guys changing their minds after the fact, and how often does that seem to happen?   Trouble is, it only seemed to happen when Faye Randolph was working the cash register.

So, after only two years and all that missing money, someone finally decided to investigate and now Faye is accused of creating fake refunds to cover the fact that she was allegedly skimming from the golf course. She even reportedly created a second set of books to hide the fact that there weren’t any refunds.  No word yet on what Randolph allegedly spent the money on, but guessing from the mug shot at right, it was something wild, right? Right?

Here’s more on the story from KnoxNews:

Faye Randolph, 46, arrested last week after a grand jury returned a seven-count indictment, created records showing fictitious refunds for rounds of golf at the former Eagle’s Landing Golf Club to conceal cash she took from the clubhouse between Jan. 1, 2008, and March 14, 2010, according to a letter released by state authorities.  Officials allege that Randolph stole $95,139 from the course.

Randolph is accused of destroying the original records that reflected the actual amounts of money collected from course fees, Dycus wrote. The actual amounts collected were significantly higher than what Randolph reported on a regular basis, according to Dycus.