Live Fish, Baby Chicks Thrown as Part of HS Pep Rally for . . . Mariachi Band?

First off: teenagers do stupid things. That’s a fact. We all have a few things from those days we are not particularly proud of.

Which is why there are usually adults supervising or monitoring the actions of young people, especially when their enthusiasm might get the best of them and help them to make not so good choices.  Like throwing live fish and baby chicks as part of a pep rally.

No, we don’t quite understand the symbolism that represents (was it a festive thing, or a hateful thing?), but that’s not even the strangest part of the story from North Side High School in Fort Worth, Texas. According to the article, the pep rally in question was held because “the school was celebrating its mariachi group advancing to state and the beginning of soccer and baseball seasons.” Really? A pep rally for the mariachi band? Sounds to us like the FOX show Glee is actually starting to make high school stuff that formerly wasn’t cool, now cool.

Either that or the school sucks at everything else so they have to celebrate ANY accomplishment. But hey, whatever the reason, good for the kids in the North Side High School Mariachi Band. (Do you think they do random drunk test at this event?)

On the down side, three of the fish died at the scene and one baby chick was found dead in the gym the next day. According to school officials, things have moved past the “prank” stage and have now moved to possible “animal cruelty” charges.

Maybe the mariachi band can play at the jail for the students convicted of this act? (Below, a video of a mariachi band for those of you who don’t know what one is.)