Horrors! Dallas Facing Stripper Shortage as Super Bowl Approaches

And you thought your city had problems with drugs, gangs or potholes! Just be thankful that you are not the city of Dallas (site of Super Bowl XLV) which, according to exports in the naked female dancer industry, the town is short nearly 10,000 strippers! How is that possible in this economy?

Things are so bad, they had to put out fliers like the one at right, trying to recruit exotic dancers from all over the country. This, according to our very knowledgable friends at TMZ.com, which is reporting that:

John Walsh — the guy who runs Showtime Cabaret — tells TMZ, his fine establishment employs 50 lovely ladies … but he’s in the market for another 100-120 lap dancers to get down for the big weekend — STAT!  Walsh says all told … the 60 clubs in Dallas’ 30 Mile Zone need an additional 10,000 strippers.  Arlington city officials expect to host 300,000 visitors that weekend — which puts the tourist to stripper ratio at around 30:1 … not too shabby.

Hey John; anything we can do to help? Interview a few ladies for you, perhaps?