TMZ Says Desperate Housewives Star in Trouble for Drinking Beer at Kid’s Little League Game – Doug Savant

Many of you probably don’t know who Doug Savant is because likely you don’t watch the ABC show Desperate Housewives. If you did, you would know that Doug is a fine actor and plays a hard working family man on the show.

In real life, it also sounds like he’s a pretty upstanding guy (we have never heard him linked to a member of the Lohan or Kardashian families) who is president of his son’s Little League. Which is why it is surprising that Doug–according to our friends at–either didn’t know about park rules banning the consumption of alcohol, or that he did know and tried to sneak a beer into a recent game.

Regardless, another parent saw what was going on “in front of the children” and not only confronted Savant about the beer he was drinking from an innocent looking paper cup, but then called him out on it, forcing Doug to appear before the league’s Board of Directors.

The result? Doug was suspended for–wait for it!–an ENTIRE WEEKEND from watching games. Which means he can now enjoy a cold one in the privacy of his own home watching a real sporting event on his big screen TV instead of watching someone else’s loser kid pick his noses in the outfield.  How will he survive that?  We wouldn’t be surprised if this–oops–accidentally happens a few more times over the season.