HS Teacher/Golf Coach Admits to Relationship with Girl, 17, He Gave Promise Ring To – Andrew Wally

High School Coach Sex Scandal LogoThis High School Coach Sex Scandal is a little different than most we have covered.

First: This is the first time we can remember the cops questioning an accused coach about an affair with a student while the accused was running the scoreboard at a high school basketball game.

Second: It’s not very often that the coaches opening protest their actual love of the other person (seems most times it’s just about the sex) and even less frequent that the guy gives his “girl” a promise ring. You know the cheapie ring that promises that someday you will actually consider–but are not legally obligated to–asking her to marry you? That ring.

And Third: We have never heard of someone in one of these situations telling the cops that he and the victim “connected in a way that he had never connected with another person before.”

This is the case of Andrew Wally, 26, a teacher and golf coach at Dunmore High School (PA) who also admitted that he had sex with the underage girl at least 10 times and gave her booze at least twice (that part is pretty common for HS Coach Sex Scandals). His affair came to light after the parent of another student heard some boys talking about a male teacher having sex with a student. To make matters worse for the administration at Dunmore, a second teacher has also been suspended this week, this time for sending inappropriate texts to a student. Something in the water there at Dumore High that should be checked?

On the plus side, Chief Reese said Mr. Wally will only be charged with a misdemeanor, corruption of minors, rather than a felony, because the victim was 17 and consented to the relationship. Apparently PA doesn’t have a “person of authority” law that punishes teachers, coaches and others for taking advantage of those in their charge.

Here’s a few details from the Scranton Times-Trbune:

Mr. Wally was a biology teacher and a golf coach at the high school when he met the victim, authorities said. According to an affidavit by Dunmore police Capt. William Springer, Mr. Wally allegedly told police that he and the girl “connected in a way that he had never connected with another person before.”

Police learned of Mr. Wally’s relationship after another student’s mother overheard her son and his friends talking about a teacher having sex with a student, according to the affidavit. The girl later spoke to police about Mr. Wally, and she turned over a “promise ring” she said he had given her.

Dunmore Police Chief Patrick Reese said officers questioned Mr. Wally on Monday night outside the Dunmore High School girl’s basketball game, where he was operating the scoreboard. He admitted to having sex with the girl at least 10 times and giving her alcohol at least twice, police said.