Packer Fan Auctions Self Off on eBay for Seat in Super Bowl Suite

UPDATE: BadJocks was able to obtain an exclusive interview with Jacob, the obsessed Green Bay fan who is trying to auction himself off to the highest “bidder” so he can see his beloved Packers play in the Super Bowl in Dallas (full story below). Jacob would not give us his last name, nor tell us the college he attends in the Dallas metro area, but we did learn from his eBay account that he has a 100% satisfaction rating. And why not? He sells mostly Teen-aged Mutant Ninja Turtle memorabilia! How can you go wrong there?

Jacob did agree to answer a few of our more probing questions:

BJ: How did you come up with the idea?

Jacob: I was on campus last night and instead of studying I was looking for Super Bowl tickets. After a couple of phone calls I finally came to the realization that I wouldn’t be able to afford a ticket to the big game. This was the next best thing I could come up with.

BJ: Do you care if it’s one of the smaller luxury boxes?

Jacob: I would be happy with sitting in very top corner of Jerryworld. I just want to go to the game!

BJ: Will you promise not to eat any of the food or drink any of the beer if they ask you?

Jacob:  Sure! Like I said I am willing to diet to minimize the space I take up in the suite. I won’t take any food or beer, but I can’t promise that I will be quiet. Just ask the people that live above me during a Packers game what they think of that..

BJ: Would you kneel and kiss Jerry Jones’ Super Bowl ring to get a seat with an obstructed view?

Jacob:  I don’t think this is a possibility. (Editor’s Note: That was a trick question. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones makes people lie on the floor before they are able to kiss his Super Bowl ring.)

BJ: Will you be crazy upset (like Bears fans setting fire to Jay Cutler’s jersey) if no one bids?

Jacob:  I will probably live on if no one bids. If I have to choose between me going to the game and Packer win, that’s easy, GO PACKERS!!

Come on BadJocks readers! There has to be somebody out there with connections to some big wig with a nearly empty luxury box for Super Bowl XLV. Let’s make Jacob’s dream come true.  Or at least pretend to dangle it in front of him until pulling it back and crushing his spirit forever.  Your call.

Email me if you have further questions for Jacob (he is entertaining marriage proposals from qualifying female Packers fans) or if you have a lead for him on that luxury box seat.  BadJocks at (Also, in case you were wondering, is looking for a few outstanding interns this year.)

EARLIER:  Actually, that headline is not quite correct. This guy is not selling himself as much as he is letting some rich person who has paid millions for a suite at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas bid on the “Grace of My Presence” during Super Bowl XLV in less than two weeks.

We get the angle: there has to be at least ONE open spot on all those luxury suites. Someone’s brother-in-law or business associate or client who you KNOW isn’t a football fan and will say they are going to show up and then won’t, so why not let a true Packers fan in on the fun?  As he explains it on the current eBay Auction:

I am a poor college student and I have been waiting for my beloved Packers to make it back to the Super Bowl since I was 8 years old.  Being from the Dallas area, I have to find a way to get to this game.  During the 2007 NFC Championship Game, my heart was broken into pieces following Brent (whoops. Brett.) Favre’s final pass as a Green Bay Packer that sent the NY Giants to the Super Bowl.  All of this was erased this postseason as the Packers made it back to the big dance!

He’ll even throw in free shipping!  As of this morning, there are zero bids with just over 9 days left on the auction, which is why he probably sent the link to auction to us, hoping it would stimulate some media attention. Will it? Will this be the feel good story of Super Bowl XLV, or will this guy end up drunk in some friend’s basement watching the whole thing on–horrors!–a non-HD TV?

We’ll keep you posted. In the mean time, check out the eBay auction here.