Father of HS Basketball Player Attacks Coach After Game

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Actually, it sounds like both father AND son were involved in the incident that took place at North Stanly High School (NC) following a game Friday night. So far, no one seems to know what provoked the attack (but usually these types of incidents are over a lack of playing time when dad thinks junior is a superstar and he ain’t), but it came following the game as coach Bobby Staley was cleaning up.

The real stupid part? The allegedly attacker/Father of the Year did it in front of a police officer who was working the game. As a result, Michael Todd Forrest faces assault charges and his son/superstar player, Logan, was charged with obstructing an officer during the incident. He has yet to show up back and school and will face disciplinary action when he does.

Here’s more from WSOC-TV (link includes video clip):

Deputies arrested Michael Todd Forrest on Friday night and charged him with assaulting his son’s coach, Bobby Staley, after a basketball game. They also charged 17-year-old Logan Forrest with obstructing an officer when he tried to intervene.” A parent and student basically attacked the fellow from behind,” said Dr. Samuel DePaul, Stanly County Schools superintendent. DePaul said he’s still not sure what led up to the attack that came as Staley was cleaning up after the game.