Bears Fan Burn Jay Cutler Jersey Following Loss to Packers in NFC Championship Game

Well, that didn’t take long.

Long suffering Bears fans were–to say the least–unhappy with quarterback Jay “I Got a Boobo” Cutler and his performance during one of the most important games in recent Chicago football history.  So, what to do? Burn the guy’s jersey, that’s what! (At right, a picture of fans burning his jersey following the loss to the Packers. Photo credit: Twitpic @brianvanarsdale)  We’re not saying we agree with such pyrotechnics, but we can certainly understand the fans frustration after watching the game.  Even when he wasn’t “injured” Cutler did not look like a Super Bowl caliber quaterback.

We’re surprised no one burned Devon Hestor jerseys as well. What did he do to help the cause yesterday? Maybe the Bears can trade both of them for a decent quarterback . . or at least a bag of magic beans. Something. Anything!

Here’s the story from NESN:

It didn’t take long for Chicago Bears fans to react to their NFC Championship loss to the Green Bay Packers. Not surprisingly, they took it out on the team’s starting quarterback.  After the game, several Bears fans got the outlash started by burning a Jay Cutler jersey.

Cutler left the game early in the third quarter due to an apparent knee injury and never returned. Although the injury’s severity is unknown, many Bears fans will likely question their quarterback’s guts and courage to continue to play in a game with such importance.  Cutler finished the game 6-for-14 passing with 80 passing yards, one interception and a 31.8 passer rating.