MSU Cheerleader Taylor Corley Update: I Would Do Playboy Again

In a follow-up to a popular Naughty Cheerleader story from earlier this week, Mississippi State cheerleader Taylor Corley (aka Taylor Stone) now says that, given the opportunity, she would pose in the nude for Playboy Magazine. The freshman was allowed to stay on the squad because her actions took place before she started attend the school and because she made no mention of the Bulldogs, or wore anything indicating she was a cheerleader, in the spread.

Here’s the only interview of her we’ve been able to find, from SB Nation:

Corley admits that she did not inform her recruiters about Playboy, and her fellow cheerleaders didn’t know when she joined the squad this past fall.  “The Playboy thing had already happened, then I found out I was going to come to State. The entire process, the audition and going to Chicago happened before I realized I was coming to State,” Corley said.

Certainly the adjustment to Starkville, Miss., and the Mississippi State University campus would be an adjustment for any freshman hailing from a major metro area, but Corley’s transition has been compounded by attention from her Playboy shoot.  “This is a very conservative place. I grew up in a big city where everything kind of flies,” Corley said.

“It was a huge culture shock. I didn’t realize Starkville was this small. Everyone knows everything about everyone here. I came from a huge city, I was just in a completely different world, it was a very big change for me.”  Corley, at the advice of Playboy officials, used the alias “Taylor Stone,” but began receiving unsolicited emails and Facebook messages in November after she appeared on the cover of “Nudes.”

“I didn’t think people were going to find out, because I didn’t think I was going to end up on the cover. I didn’t think it would end up being all over campus. My family supported my decision,” said Corley, who said she notified her mother before she attended the Atlanta casting call and before she accepted the offer to pose.

“My mom and I talked about, and she told me, ‘This is going to stay with you, in your future.’ I realized going into this, it’s Playboy, that people are going to label me as the ‘girl from Playboy.’ But I don’t regret it at all … I would do it again.”