HS Basketball Coach Admits Telling Girl to Give Oral Sex to Player for Job as Manager

On what planet are these actions appropriate for someone coachingHigh School Coach Sex Scandal Logo young people?  Or for that matter for anyone to do–even as a joke–to an underage girl?

Tomas Vargas is–was–a 19-year-old assistant boys’ basketball coach at Tony Hillerman Middle School in northwest Albuquerque. According to police a female student walked in Vargas’ office earlier this month and asked about being a team manager. Vargas’s response? To get the job she would have to perform oral sex on several players that were in his office at the time. As if that weren’t bad enough, when she refused, he grabbed her by the neck and tried to force her face into one of the player’s groins.

Here are some additional details on this sick story from KOAT:

Investigators said the problems started on Jan. 6, when a 14-year-old student went to an office to ask about a manager position with the team.  Police said she claims Vargas was there with three players.  She said Vargas told her she needed to perform oral sex on the players to get hired.  Investigators said Vargas pushed a table into her when she refused, and that she couldn’t leave the room.  Officers said she told them Vargas grabbed the back of her neck and forced her head into one of the player’s laps until she broke free.

Police said Vargas bonded out of jail and faces charges including false imprisonment and attempted criminal sexual penetration. Court officials said Vargas admitted to everything that happened during the incident while being questioned.

We also have a video report from KOBI below: