Former Patriots Runningback Laurence Maroney Involved in Car Cops Stopped for Guns, Drugs

It has not been a good year for Laurence Maroney. Once part of the powerful New England Patriots offense, he was traded last season to the struggling Denver Broncos and promptly got injured, playing in only a handful of games this season. Now he’s in trouble in his home town of St. Louis where he was allegedly in a car full of people, drugs, and it looks like several weapons. Maroney’s publicist says the has a permit to carry a weapon, but the cops say if he was stoned at the time the vehicle was pulled over, that invalidates the permit.

And to top things off, he has received terrible hair styling advice from some 10-year-old girls who suggested he go with pig tails.  At right, Maroney’s surprisingly hairy mugshot. Sources tell us that he crew his locks out to audition as a spokesman for the Wendy’s fast food chain. No comment from the burger maker on the legitimacy of that part of the story.

Maroney, 25, was originally held on unlawful weapons charges and drug charges but was released from jail by early Tuesday morning.

Here’s the details from KMOV:

News 4 confirms he (Maroney) and five other men in their mid-twenties were in a vehicle pulled over by officers late Monday night near Chaifetz Arena.  Maroney and his friends had three guns on them.

Maroney’s publicist Jane Higgins told News 4 that Maroney was not with the car involved in the high speed chase. He just happened to be behind the car, ‘by pure coincidence.’  He has a permit for the gun, but the permit was in a wallet that wasn’t on him. He believes the police made a mistake in arresting him.

Here is Higgins’ written statement:

“Mr. Maroney was unlawfully arrested for possession of weapons. He holds a permit to carry a concealed weapon and he had his permit on his person when he was arrested. He was not arrested for any drugs nor was he involved in a high speed chase. He was released without being charged with any offense and we do not anticipate he will be charged with any criminal offense.”
While Maroney does have a conceal and carry permit, if it turns out he was high on pot at the time he was carrying, he would be in some more trouble.