Messing With the Spammers

Dumbass Category LogoUnfortunately, here at BadJocks we get quite a bit of spam email, most of which the filters catch and the rest we just delete. Every once and a while one gets through (like this gem below) and we feel compelled to respond.  Just a little background: we probably see about 10 of these messages a week, supposedly from a recently divorced woman overseas who is expecting a large settlement from her husband based here in the states. The scammers send unsuspecting divorce lawyers who fall for this a six figure cashiers check and ask that it be securely deposited and only a small amount ($5000 or so) sent back to the divorcee’ to cover some expenses. Several law firms have fallen for this scam and eventually find out that the cashier’s check is bogus and are out the five grand . . . sometimes a lot more.

Below is “Beverly’s” original email and my recent response. Beverly has not gotten back to me or paid me for my legal advice. I think I need to hire a good lawyer to sue her . . .

From: Beverly Kawashima
Subject: Re: Did you get my inquiry?

Dear Counsel,

My name is Beverly Kawashima. Got your email contact the internet, and i am now writing your firm in regards to a divorce settlement with my ex husband Mackenzie Kawashima who resides in your jurisdiction. I am currently working in S.Korea. We had an out of court agreement (Collaborative Law Agreement) for him to pay $950,500.00 plus legal fees.
He has only paid me $251,500.00 since.I am hereby seeking your firm`s assistance in collecting the balance from him. He has agreed already to pay me the balance  but it is my belief that a Law firm like yours is needed to help me collect/enforce payment from my ex-husband or litigate this matter if he fails to pay as promised.

Your’s truly,
Beverly Kawashima

My  response:

Yes Beverly, I did get your email.

Here’s my legal advice: don’t divorce such a fine man as Mackenzie “The Macmeister” Kawashima.  You need to get your butt in the kitchen, make your man his favorite sandwich and shut your damn mouth.

That’ll be $5000.00

Bob Reno
Not Really a Lawyer