Blog: Mississippi State Freshman Cheerleader Has Already Appeared in Playboy – Taylor Corley

UPDATE #2: SHOCKER! MSU Says, “No Harm, No Foul” Taylor Corley/Stone Remains Bulldog Cheerleader – In a move that surprised us, Mississippi State University finally responded to repeated emails from us to make an official statement about everyone’s favorite college cheerleader/Playboy model. Today, Mississippi State vice president of student affairs Dr. Bill Kibler sent us the following statement explaining the school’s decision NOT to remove Taylor from the squad:

“If she had identified herself as an MSU Cheerleader or used any of our marks, then the university might have pursued action. However, she was not identified as an MSU student or a cheerleader. The university did not pursue any action when this came to our attention last fall.”

UPDATE: posts some of the Mostly Safe for Work pictures from Taylor Stone’s Playboy pictorial.

EARLIER: Remember the name Taylor Corley.

When this story blows up, she will either be one of the most popular students at Mississippi State University (possibly on any college campus), or will be in a battle to save her “job” as a cheerleader for the Bulldogs. What did Ms. Corley actually do that would get her is so much trouble? Our friend Brooks over at claims that the freshman cheerleader (that makes her what, 18, 19?) appeared nude in Playboy Magazine this past November under the name Taylor STONE. (Taylor Corley’s Facebook page can be found here. So far she has refused the “Creepy Old Dude” requests to be friends.)

But the name change isn’t fooling anyone as the pictures have gone viral on the Interwebs and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out it could be her. (We might need more time to do additional research on the issue.) The real question now remains if she will remain on the squad or not if it is her. (Click here for BadJocks Top Naughty Cheerleader stories.)

No word from the Administration at MSU . . . but we’re pretty sure that they’ll be making an official statement soon. Here’s the story from SBB (below is a video of her performing just last month) :

Taylor Corley is a freshman at Mississippi State from Atlanta.  She’s also a current cheerleader for the school who recently appeared nude in Playboy magazine. Corley posed for the magazine under the name Taylor Stone, with her Playboy images first surfacing in November. So has Corley’s nude modeling affected her status as an official representative of Mississippi State? No. She’s currently listed as an active cheerleader on the official Mississippi State spirit squad website and last Saturday participated with the squad at the UCA College National Championships.

UPDATE:  Here’s a list of Requirements to be an Mississippi State cheerleader. It doesn’t say anything in here about keeping your clothes on, now does it?


To tryout for the all-girl squad, participants attending the recruiting weekend should have the following:

We would like for each participant attending the recruiting weekend (tryouts) to have the following:

* Overall 2.0 GPA
* Proof of a current physical
* Letter of recommendation from a previous coach/sponsor

Tryouts will consist of a fight song, tumbling skills, jumps, stunting skills, and execution of cheering abilities.

Requested stunts include the following:

* Walk to the top
* Ground-up Liberty
* Ground-up Stretch, full down or double down
* Optional- no more than 3 transitions. Example: double downs. Rewinds, full-ups, etc..

Requested tumbling skills include the following:

* Standing tumbling-back handspring, tuck, back handspring back
* Tumbling pass(s)
* Toe Touch Tuck