New Zealand Sports Reporter Stalking Maria Sharapova?

We can understand all the attention that hot Russian tennis babe Maria Sharapova gets when she plays. And, we can assume, she has had her share of stalkers out there over the years. But should a broadcaster, even from a tiny New Zealand sport radio network, use his press credentials to follow her at the Australian Open?  Just listen to the exchange between Jamie McOnie and Sharapova at a press conference this week:

James McOnie, who works for the spoof TV sports show “A Crowd Goes Wild,” first started showing up at Sharapova’s press conferences during the ASB Classic in New Zealand earlier this month, asking odd-ball questions like did she need a personal shopper because he had impeccable taste.  In Melbourne on Saturday, he asked if she frequented a club for “hot Russians” with compatriot Anna Kournikova, the Australian Associated Press reported.

Sharapova recognized him on that occasion and said: “You’re the guy from New Zealand, huh? Oh, God, you’re stalking me!” “It’s not stalking if you love someone,” McOnie replied jokingly, to which Sharapova offered: “It can be slightly, trust me.”

Report: Journalist ‘stalks’ Sharapova, faces possible caution from Aussie officials (FOX)