Boston Pro Lacrosse Team Sorry for Bizarre Mascot Lap Dance Contest

The good news? Professional lacrosse has finally come to Boston! The bad news? It seems the only way to get anyone to watch is to have hot babes compete to give the team’s mascot, Scorch, the best lap dance.

No really.

Right there in the middle of the court, or pitch, or whatever you call the surface they play lacrosse on. A guy wearing a giant plastic head sat in a chair while raunchy music played and scantily clad women did their best to get him aroused, just like at the local strip club. If that sounds like good old fashioned family fun to you, well, we don’t want to be at your family reunions.

Needless to say, most of the “normal” fans in attendance at the game were not amused . . . and, apparently, neither was the Boston Blaze management. Our guess is that they will likely cancel the “Pole Dancing Moms” event scheduled for next week.

Here’s the full story from USA Today (YouTube video of the event is below.)

Many of the 8,536 fans at TD Garden on Saturday night, especially those who brought children, were stunned as several women competed to give the team’s mascot the best lap dance, grinding to the blaring rap song Low.  Several expressed their anger on the team’s Facebook page, as the New York Daily News notes.

The Blazers’ brass rushed to put out the firestorm. “”The Boston Blazers halftime act for Saturday’s game was clearly not executed according to plan. We are extremely disappointed with elements of the halftime show,” said Blazers president and general manager, Doug Reffue.  He said it wouldn’t happen again.