More HS Wreslter Hazing: This Time It Involves Urine AND a Spatula – Churchill County High School

Hazings Category LogoMust be some kind of special “Crazy Hazing Days” going on right now for high school wrestlers because this is the third case in the past week we’ve reported on . . . and they keep getting worse. This time, not only did teammates of a 15-year-old wrestler from Churchill County High School (Nevada) get urinated on, there was a strange ritual at a motel room during an away tournament involving nudity and a spatula. And spanking with the spatula. And doing something else with the spatula that we think the manufacturer would not consider an appropriate use.

The worst part? Apparently the allegations of this incident were reported to school administrators who somehow failed to report it to police. By law, I think they’re supposed to do that. Right now, police are focusing on two separate investigations, and one where three wrestlers have already admitted to the hazing.

Here’s more from News 4 in Reno:

The victim told his father, in the middle of the night he was woken up, stripped of his pants, spanked with a spatula, tapped to a coffee table and then locked outside on this 2nd level hotel walkway. When he was let back in, he was spanked again with that spatula that was later put in his buttocks. Pictures were taken and the teammates also urinated on him when he went inside and got into the shower.

Sources close to the case, tell News Four the school’s principal, athletic director, and head coach all knew about the hazing on the Monday after the tournament when 3 of the four students confessed to them, but no one reported anything to the Las Vegas or Fallon police.