HS Track Coach Pleads Not Guilty to Sexting Girls, Could Get Two Life Sentences if Convicted!

We’re all for the creeps involved in HS Coach Sex Scandals to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, but to get not one but TWO LIFE SENTENCES for sexting? That seems a bit extreme and certainly WAY more punishment than female coaches ever get in this kind of situation. Is there a double standard when it comes to the way male and female coaches/teachers are treated in these kinds of situations? Join the conversation over at our Twitter account.

James Evans, the former Head Coach for the Bozeman High School Track Team, pleaded Not Guilty to two Felony counts of Sexual Abuse of Children, and three more Misdemeanors in court on Monday.  Evans is accused of sending lewd text messages to underage girls, and students over a period of several months.

Police arrested Evans last October after the girls reported text messages to authorities. In the messages, Evans allegedly solicited sex from an underage girl, as well as sent nude pictures of himself engaged in sex acts with his wife.

SOURCE: Evans Pleads Not Guilty To Sexting Students – News Story – NBCMontana NBC Montana

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