Another “Bodily Fluid” Hazing Attack Involing HS Wrestlers – Jefferson High School, Michigan

Last week we had some high school wrestlers in Utah who decided to go to the back of the bus on the way home from a meet, pleasure themselves and then walk up to the front of the bus wiping their man juice on younger teammates. This time we have some wrestlers from just down the road from the Michigan-based BadJocks Bunker who allegedly urinated on their teammates in the showers. Others were held down and sexually assaulted.

That really says “we’re in this together” doesn’t it? Anyway, the cops are now involved in this one as well, and likely the parents of these monsters will be pleading for mercy for them in court soon, possibly blaming the media (or video games) for their “harmless” actions.

Parents say some of the youngest members of the wrestling team have been urinated on in the showers and have been held down and sexually assaulted by upper classmen on the team. The head coach, Mike Humphrey, is on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation and it’s reported some of the wrestlers have also been disciplined.

A mom of one of the wrestlers who reportedly fought off an attack told Action News she is disgusted and can’t even imagine why the older boys would want to do that , it it’s true.

SOURCE: Allegations of hazing at a Monroe High School have parents upset and school officials investigating
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