Middle School Coach Accused of Texting Girl, 13, More Than 300 Times Over Five Hours

Texting must be a lot sexier than it looks. I mean, for as many coaches as we have reported here to get caught doing it with underage girls (or boys) there must be something we aren’t getting. Oh, we text, just not 300 times in under six hours. Also, how much do 13-year-old girls really know about the world to hold your attention that long?

Wait, don’t answer that. We’re both likely to get in trouble if you do. Just observe the sad case below of New Braunfels (TX) middle school coach Clinton “Don’t Call Me Glenn” Beck:

A New Braunfels middle school coach has been arrested for allegedly sending sexually explicit text messages to one of his students.  The coach, 26-year-old Clinton Beck, is accused of texting a 13-year-old girl. Police say the girl’s mother discovered the messages from Beck in early December. Investigators say Beck told police the texting was only related to the class curriculum. But the girl told officers the text messages got inappropriate a month before, in early November.

Police say Beck and the girl exchanged nearly 300 messages in five and a half hours in early December. Investigators also discovered Beck had received training that texting a student was against school policy.

Coach accused of sending sexually explicit text messages to student (WOAI)