Junior High Wrestlers Accused of “Lewd Acts”, Hazing Teammates on Bus

Hazings Category LogoUPDATE: Several readers wrote to us to ask about the specifics of the “lewd acts” these high school wrestlers are accused of committing. There seemed to be some concern that we were alluding to a very, uh, individual sex act that might not be what the cops were necessarily talking about. We did a little more research and found this paragraph from an earlier report on the incident:

Several law enforcement sources familiar with the investigation, however, have told the Vernal Express the boys each masturbated and, when finished, walked to the front of the bus where they wiped seminal fluid on more than one teammate.

Everybody satisfied now?

EARLIER: It appears we have sunk to a new low when it comes to youth sports hazing.

According to prosecutors in Vernal, Utah, three members of the Vernal Junior High wrestling team were at the back of a darkened bus on the way back from a meet when they committed “lewd acts” upon themselves. Disgusting yes, but probably not uncommon among bored teen-aged males. After that though, they walked toward the front of the bus, wiping their man fluid on more than one teammate.

Yes, that’s right, seminal fluid is now considered an important part of team-building rituals. Wonder if our high school hazing “expert,” Trevor, thinks that this is a positive development? Anyone out there want to “bond” with teammates via bodily fluids? This is one case where their teammates probably actually wished they had been spat on instead.

Here are the disgusting details from The Vernal Express:

Duchesne County prosecutors have filed petitions in 8th District Juvenile Court against three Vernal Junior High School wrestlers accused of smearing bodily fluids on teammates.  The petitions contain one allegation forcible sex abuse and one allegation of hazing against each of the three teenagers.

The basis for the forcible sex abuse allegation is that the 15-year-old and two 14-year-olds took “indecent liberties” with their teammates, according to Duchesne County prosecutor Grant Charles.  The case stems from a Dec. 4 incident on a Uintah School District bus as the junior high school’s wrestling team returned from a meet in Morgan County. Most of the team, including the coaches, was at the front of the darkened bus watching a movie.

But three wrestlers were at the back of the bus. Infrared cameras there captured the teens engaging in individual “lewd acts,” said Duchesne County sheriff’s detective Dan Bruso. When the teens finished, they walked to the front of the bus where they wiped bodily fluids on more than one teammate, according to authorities.

A parent reported the incident to the Vernal Police Department.