Drunk Ohio State Trooper Arrested at Browns/Steelers Game

From our “What Were You Thinking?” Files: an Ohio State Trooper was arrested at last weekend’s game between the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers . . . for throwing peanuts?

Well, actually it was for throwing peanuts at police officers working the game. Even then, had trooper Jason “I’ll Have Another!” Fantone, 34, of Canfield not become belligerent with the officers when they asked him to stop they likely would not have arrested him. But noooooooo, Fantone refused to comply and was eventually arrested on charges ranging from vandalism to disorderly conduct. Why the vandalism charge? Allegedly he kicked in the door of a holding cell at the stadium while he was waiting to be processed.


Here’s more from FOX 8:

Police originally walked up to the section of Browns Stadium where Fantone was seated after they say he began throwing peanuts at them.

According to a report filed on the incident, the arresting officers approached Fantone and asked to see his game ticket. Police say Fantone then became belligerent and was placed under arrest. The arresting officers say Fantone was highly intoxicated. Police took Fantone to a holding cell within the stadium and according to the report, he kicked the locked steel door so hard that he broke the latch.

The report says Fantone yelled, “I’m in handcuffs for throwing peanuts? Those guys are mad at me because I DUI’d some of their guys.”