Nebraska Mail Room Employee Steals, Sells Husker Football Tickets

You can do some pretty awful things in the State of Nebraska and get away with it (and boy, do we know about that!) but don’t try and steal someone’s season tickets to the Nebraska Cornhuskers home games. You might as well have stolen a man’s horse or rustled some of his cattle.  For Wesley Alexander Pruitt, it might not only cost him his highly paid job in the UNL mail room, but likely he will be a pariah in jail along with the child sex offenders and disgraced public officials.

Take it easy on him in the big house fellas.

Following an investigation that required a subpoena of Craigslist records, a longtime University of Nebraska-Lincoln mail room employee has been arrested on suspicion of intercepting two 2010 football season tickets and selling them in the online marketplace.  Wesley Alexander Pruitt, 49, 220 N. 32nd St., was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of theft of more than $1,500. He was released after posting $300 of a $3,000 percentage bond.  Lincoln Police Officer Katie Flood said the investigation began in the fall, when two men were turned away from Memorial Stadium because the tickets they were holding had been canceled electronically.

Flood said the men responded to a Craigslist ad in August that was offering two season tickets — Section 25, Row 21, Seats 8 and 9 — for $1,600. The seller, who went by the name Wesley Jones, met the two men in a downtown Lincoln parking lot to seal the deal.  For the first two games, nothing unusual happened. The men presented their tickets, were allowed inside and watched Nebraska win its early-season contests.

Then came the Sept. 25 Homecoming contest against South Dakota State University. When the men presented their tickets, Flood said, the ticket scanner indicated they had been canceled electronically by their original owner, a ticket holder in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Police believe Pruitt, who worked at the university’s mail distribution center for about 10 years, stole the tickets before they were mailed out to the owner.

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