Drunk Soccer Coach Accused of Accosting Girl, 15, at Hotel During Tournament

High School Coach Sex Scandal LogoThe 15-year-old victim claims that girls soccer coach Paul Hensel, 42, was drunk at a Petoskey, Michigan hotel during a soccer tournament in September and that he made passes at her and her two friends while they tried to study in the dining area. They even have tape of it.

On the other hand Hensel’s lawyer says that while the tape shows his client was drunk and showed poor judgement, that doesn’t make him a sexual predator.

Hopefully, the truth will come out at the trial.

Paul Hensel, 42, was arraigned in 90th District Court in Petoskey after an investigation begun by Oak Park-based State Police found Hensel allegedly touched the girl’s buttocks while he was intoxicated at a hotel during the Sept. 11-12 tournament, a state police investigator said.  But Hensel’s defense attorney Michael Manley of Flint, said the girl was with two friends in the motel dining area around 9 p.m. when the trio began videotaping Hensel and “mocking him,” and he said the tape shows that Hensel never touched the girl.

“He was intoxicated but I think the videotape clearly shows that he’s not a sex offender,” Manley said. Hensel, a father of five, was staying at the motel with his wife while his own children played in the tournament, police said.

The alleged victim and her friends were doing homework in the motel dining room when Hensel is approached and began “making passes at them,” Robertson said. The victim’s father learned of the incident the next morning, as he and his daughter drove home to Birmingham, “so they reported it to us” at the Oak Park post upon arrival in metro Detroit, Sgt.David Robertson said.

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