Blackfoot High School Hazing Update: Five More Jocks Charged in Separate Incident Last Spring

When it rains, it pours.

At Blackfoot High School in tiny Blackfoot, Idaho there are now not just five former jocks charged with hazing, but ten, for two separate incidents involving different sports. This latest incident came to light while the school was investigating the first incident involving five basketball players. You have to think that there is a lot of forehead slapping going on in the administration offices at the school.

Don’t know about you, but something makes us think that it might be time for BHS to rethink their anti-hazing policy.

Here’s the latest from Local News 8:

More accusations of hazing-related conduct have been brought against a different group of Blackfoot High School teens.   Blackfoot police said the latest, one-time incident has no connection to the criminal charges filed against five former athletes at the school.   Blackfoot police said five male athletes were part of a hazing incident last spring at the high school.

No charges have been filed, but parents were served on Friday with juvenile violation reports.”It appears to be some inappropriate horseplay and pranking and that’s how we’ll address it,” said Bingham County Prosecutor Scott Andrew.  The allegations came to light during the course of a prior investigation, in which a different five former athletes have been criminally charged. Blackfoot School District Superintendent Scott Crane said the two incidents are not at all related.